Meet Me and Z… our puppies too

Hello, dolls!

Welcome to my little space of the internet. Thank you so much for choosing to spend a few moments of your day with me.

I wanted to create a space that fit women like me. I am unflinchingly and unapologetically feminist, but I love beauty, homemaking, and every delightfully pink and fluffy aspect of being a girl. I focus on fashion, food, beauty, and travel.

I’m married to Z., who is an accountant, I’m an ER nurse.


We live in Louisville, KY in our tiny 1950s fixer-upper.We live as a family of four with our overweight, not very bright, and super spoiled lab, Hermione and our Italian hound/beagle mix Luna. Seriously, look at those faces!


My blog covers what I love, which ranges from food, fashion, home, entertaining, Jesus, my marriage, going back to school, and anything else that encompasses “lifestyle”. Take a look and leave a comment. I love getting to know you too!

To get in contact with me, email me at

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