Book Review – Pregnancy Style

When I finally found myself coming out of my first trimester funk, I began trying to understand what was going on with my body and to try to become more excited about this whole pregnancy thing.

This is a quick book review of a few of the books I first read.

Expecting Better by Emily Oster – by far my husband’s favorite book on the subject. Emily Oster is a trained economist who, when she found herself pregnant, wanted to know the why behind the advice her doctor was giving her. The book looks in depth at the various studies that are or should be driving our pregnancy medical advice. Essentially, this is a data driven text which is meant to assist you make data backed decision for yourself and your pregnancy. As a healthcare worker, there were certainly aspects I struggled with, but overall, it was one of the best backed and well cited books. As someone who values research, it is one I would recommend you add to your reading list.

Who should read this book  – data driven mamas and papas; those interested in the science behind medical advice; and those willing to look into many different sources to get the most well rounded advice for your own pregnancy. Or if you need to be one of the trendy mama’s.. sooooo many people have read this book.

Those who will date this book – anyone who finds data boring or doesn’t want to read all about various studies; those uninterested in challenging conventional medical advice;

The New Rules of Pregnancy  – this beautiful and stunning book worthy of sitting on an Anthropologie shelf, is written by 2 physicians and an former editor of Real Simple magazine. The book is a quick read that skims most issues in pregnancy, but does not delve deep into any single topic. It overall avoids judgmental language, but it does offer only the most traditional of pregnancy advice. But it truly was the most beautiful book on the topic I read. Stunning pictures, well thought out layout, thick paper – the whole 9 yards. But not a terribly deep read.

Who this book would be good for – someone who isn’t a big reader or is more drawn in to the aesthetic side of books, who shares in traditional medical advice, and wishes for a quick read or a gentle slide into pregnancy info. I imagine this would also make a lovely gift.

Who wouldn’t like this book – people who want their sources cited, those who lean more non-conventional in their approach to pregnancy, or who are look to delve more deeply into the various topics of pregnancy.

Healthy Mom, Healthy baby by essentially the March of Dimes foundation – This book is easy to read, easy to understand, and noncontroversial in the least. I would say this is by far the most traditional pregnancy book I have read. I literally have nothing else to say about this book.

If you have a great pregnancy book you recommend, I would love to check them out!

Kisses, Anna

One thought on “Book Review – Pregnancy Style

  1. My other recs, besides Expecting Better, is honestly Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. Def hippie, but really a great perspective on childbirth to de-program your brain from all those movie/tv scenes of a woman screaming and swearing at her husband with her legs up in the air.


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