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New Beauty RoundUp – Chinese New Year

Now that the Christmas season has passed, it has left a little gap in the beauty realm… I mean, not really. There is never truly a down period in the beauty industry. But after all the holiday glitz, I was ready for something new. And that something that recently caught my eye was several brands dropping collections in honor of the Chinese lunar new year, which is celebrated on January 25th.

Shall we see all the lovely items?

Fenty Beauty Stunna New Year Highlighter + Lip Set: Lunar New Year Edition – this limited-edition set of two cult favorites: Killawatt Highlighter in Mean Money and Hu$tla Baby and Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored. I cannot personally comment one way or the other about the quality of this product as I have never tried Fenty Beauty and I don’t think this is the kit to tempt me to buy. However, it is lovely and I adore the external packaging.

Givenchy came out with one product this year, which was completely nondescript for me. They released the Chinese New Year Prisme Libre Finishing & Setting Powder. While it has lovely packaging, I just feel that this color correcting concept is overdone and like, so last season… if I said phrases like that in a nonsardonic manner.

This year is the year of the rat per Chinese astrology and SK-II took this chance to make the cutest Mickey Mouse themed product. The Disney Mickey Mouse Limited Edition PITERA™ Essence, which is obscenly expensive at $247. This means I will literally never own this product, baring a rise to blogger stardom. However, it is cute.

From the most expensive to the most affordable comes in Colourpop. Amazingly enough, I do not own any CP products. They have been on my radar for years, but I just haven’t been able to make the jump to buying their products. This collection includes: the Good Fortune Lux Liquid Lip Bundle, Lucky You Super Shock Cheek Duo, and White Tea Face Milk from Fourth Ray Beauty. Every product can be purchases separately or as a bundle.

Now on to the last collection I found, which was at MAC. This collection has 8-ish lip products, a blush duo, an eye palette, and a highlighter. The lipshades are all repackaging of standard colors; however, I am enchanted with the highlighter. It is not on theme for the year, but girl, it’s stunning. It might be a little treat for me.

heart this….

Anything caught your eye?

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