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Christmas shopping in July

Fourth of July is over, which means half the internet will start raging about Christmas items starting to pop up in stores. That’s right, the C word is being uttered again. My youtube feed? Full of Christmas. I get the outrage. It is 98 degrees outside; how can anyone be in the mood to binge… Continue reading Christmas shopping in July

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Debt Payoff with Partial Dave Ramsey

I don’t know if I have come out and said it on the blog, but it has certainly been hinted at that Z. and I are on a debt free journey. Between a graduate degree, a very expensive private school second BA, and a car loan, we found ourselves with over 100k in consumer debt… Continue reading Debt Payoff with Partial Dave Ramsey

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Easy Chicken Vegetable Soup

January first, I started the day with doing some cleaning, including my fridge.  Actually, Z. cleaned the house and I cleaned the fridge. It was pretty gross. After all the holiday indulgences (seriously, I have not been hungry since Thanksgiving), I was more than ready to get back to eating vegetables and my normal food… Continue reading Easy Chicken Vegetable Soup

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Splurge vs Save Eye makeup: Here’s to looking at you, kid

Eye makeup is my passion, my baby. Everyone who is into beauty tends to have that one, maybe two, things that we are really, really in to. Mine is eye makeup, especially eye palettes. I just adore them and have far, far too many of them. But there is always room to save and splurge.… Continue reading Splurge vs Save Eye makeup: Here’s to looking at you, kid