Mediterranean cruise Outfit Ideas

My husband and I have been packing for our European cruise, which lays port in France, Italy, and Spain. I am beyond excited, but also been a crazed planner. I want to look stylish, feminine, and get some fabulous content for my youtube and blog platforms. At the same time, I also am only traveling with a carryon. Ouch, right?

But it is completely possible to do this, you just have to plan. Now, at the time I am writing this, I have not done my final try on. Some of these pieces might or might not fit at the time I am writing, so don’t throw stones if I am end up changing it up. The parameters and carryon rule will apply either way.

What you are going to see a lot of in this cruise is repeating of pieces. For me, bringing fewer pairs of shoes lets me bring one more dress, which I would rather do.

Accessories are not shown here but they absolutely take a piece from day to night. You can be sure I will be rocking that black jumpsuit to at least two dinners.

Travel day:

Ship Day:




Cannes: I will also bring the jean jacket with me in case I need it.


Travel Day:

If you are pointing out that this is the same outft as travel day 1, you’re right! I’ll wear a fresh tee and clean undies of course, but there is no reason to bring two travel outfits for this trip.

Evening: The key here again is to bring outfits that all work with the same shoe. Use accessories to keep your outfits on point and looking different from your day looks.

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