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Girl Experience – My first bikini wax

Oh snap, it's getting real on the blog. We are talking about bikini waxing. Disclaimer time: I know waxing is part of many women's regular grooming routine. I also know that I am 30 and it is honestly more surprising that I had never done this before. I AM A WIMP, FOLKS. In my head,… Continue reading Girl Experience – My first bikini wax

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Feminist Icon Cross-Stitch + Giveaway

A few months ago, Amy from Running Press reached out to me with an offer to review a new book being released from their press. From the moment the email came across my desk, I knew this was something I was super interested in. The book is  FEMINIST ICON CROSS-STITCH: 30 Daring Designs to Celebrate Strong… Continue reading Feminist Icon Cross-Stitch + Giveaway

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NCLEX Celebratory Dinner Outfit

After passing my boards, my wonderful in-laws decided to treat my husband and I to dinner. My favorite restaurant in the city is a lovely little place called Decca, which specializes in New American cuisine. I wanted to do my makeup and pick an outfit that really highlighted my hair, which I am still obsessed… Continue reading NCLEX Celebratory Dinner Outfit

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Another tale of woe on women and media..

If you pay the slightest bit of attention to modern feminism or well, just about anything else, it is not going to shock you that in both the media and social norms push women to ideas of perfection. Be classy, smart, well educated, and get ahead in your career all while managing a pristine Pinterest… Continue reading Another tale of woe on women and media..