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Keto Menu Week 6

It has been struggle city around here, folks. I am having the hardest time dealing with my cravings and wanting to eat all the carbs and comfort food. You will notice in this week's menu that there are two casseroles on the menu. Keto twists on traditional comfort food that I am hoping will help… Continue reading Keto Menu Week 6

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Keto Week 5 Menu

Confession time: I was basically off plan all week. The least of my crimes was wiping out an entire mango.The worst of my crimes was eating pizza twice AND Chinese food AND Mexican food. If you noticed me not posting this week, it was because I was so, so, so very off plan. I allowed… Continue reading Keto Week 5 Menu

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Easy Chicken Vegetable Soup

January first, I started the day with doing some cleaning, including my fridge.  Actually, Z. cleaned the house and I cleaned the fridge. It was pretty gross. After all the holiday indulgences (seriously, I have not been hungry since Thanksgiving), I was more than ready to get back to eating vegetables and my normal food… Continue reading Easy Chicken Vegetable Soup