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Anniversary Trip Announcement

Tomorrow is my birthday. How about them apples?

I am the big 32 this year. I really don’t know where the time goes as I swear that I just wrote about my 30th birthday party.

However, my birthday actually has nothing to do with our trip announcement. You might remember that we took a special trip for Zach’s 30th birthday, but for years, he always told me he wanted to go to Rome for his 30th. So this, combined with the fact that it is our 5th wedding anniversary, we decided that we were going to be taking an Western Mediterranean cruise.

How crazy is that?!? In three weeks, I will be flying to Barcelona for a 7 day cruise on the Norwegian Epic.  First time with this cruise line and first time going to any of these places.

We will be stopping at: Naples, Rome, Florence, Cannes, and Palma.

Wish us luck, look forward to more travel blog/vlogs, and give me all your advice.

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