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Project Pan Q1: Lessons Learned

Recently, I posted my resolution to do my first Project Pan. I was late in posting it, but I have been working on it since early January, which means I have been working on for about 8-10ish weeks.

This is what I have learned so far.

Lesson 1: I was WAY, WAY too ambitious. Along with that is…

Lesson 2: I grossly underestimated how long it takes to finish products. Now, I am not upset about these two things because it is my first project pan and it is all about of the learning process. I have been really focuses on my items and I don’t think I am making a dent.

Lesson 3: I can’t actually prove that because I didn’t not create a way to track my progress. I naively just assumed I would “see” the progress. Turns out that is a lot harder to do than I thought. After watching lots of project pan videos, I have decided to go with Christina Chang’s method of tracking and I now just track how many times I use the product.

Lesson 4: I became overly focused and that this is actually supposed to be fun. I am a goal achiever and I hone in. But this is supposed to be fun, which is it, if you go easy on yourself.

Lesson 5: It has really motivated me to clean out my collection. I went through my collection, which showed me how many products I didn’t love. I had a massive clean out and it has made me feel so happy when I open my makeup drawer because I can see all my products.

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