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Keto Meal Plan 4

So, we are on to week 4, which means we have been on this Keto journey for almost a month. I am so excited to do a monthly check-in.

This week, I finally started adding in some exercise. Not a ton, but I added in a Spin class and a yoga class. It feels good to be finally moving again. The weight is going fine, but I will just be a saggy skinny if I don’t get to moving. Additionally, I want to start to work on my cardiovascular health.

I feel ok this week. My thirst is still incredible, but my stomach pains seem to be trending down. However, I think I need to address my micronutrients because I have started to have nocturnal leg cramps.

Weight wise, I am down 11.3 lbs and my husband is down an incredible 22lbs. 22 lbs!!! I am beyond proud of him and how hard he is working.

I am pretty nervous about next week’s weigh in as I have two dinners off plan this week (not in my menu, but in my personal life), but we will do the best that we can and move forward.

Notes on this week menu:

I am over eggs. My husband is still digging them, but I am done. Hence, the two alternating breakfasts.

For the greek marinated pork steak, marinate it in greek dressing of choice that fits in your macros.

Menu links:

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