Keto Week 3 Update and Menu

Week 3 of keto is here. This week, I had mixed feelings about. I started eating a lot more. Between the keto muffins and just having a little more time at work to actually eat, my calories went up significantly this week. Not outside of my limits, but up. I also went to a celebratory dinner with a friend and went off plan with delicious, delicious cocktails. I don’t mind going off occasionally, but I will say for the two days following I felt awful. So tired and sluggish.

Keto just doesn’t seem to tolerate cheat days well.

Weight loss wise, I am down 10lbs. I imagine it will really start to slow now, but we shall see. As for my husband, he is down 17lbs.

Menu notes

The recipe last week made soooo much soup, so we froze half of it. This week we will be eating the rest of the soup.

Also, I know I said that I would freeze half the muffins. I didn’t freeze them. I ate them.

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