New Years Resolutions: Planning for Success

Side note: if you are here for my own personal goals, they are at the bottom of the blog post.

The goal of resolutions is to help you exam, evaluate, and plan for the next year. Which means  resolutions are great for planners and people who give themselves the space to learn and grow with kindness. I hear so many people say they don’t do resolutions because they hate to fail. If resolutions truly make you feel less than, DON’T do them. Trust me, none of us need that type of negativity in our life.

However, if you like planning and you can give yourself grace, resolutions are a wonderful way to make goals and help you direct your planning.

However, let’s have a conversation about why resolutions often fail (in my opinion). When you acknowledge why things often fail, it let’s you plan better. I am a big believer that planning better helps set the course to success.

Why resolutions fail:

  • Vague resolution. Goals like “get healthier”, “save more”, blah, blah, blah. You know the type. Most of us have made them. The problem is you haven’t defined that that means, which makes if a) easy to put off and b)makes it hard to effectively plan.
  • Unrealistic resolutions. For example, “I will work out 5 times a week” is a great resolution if you already work out 3 or 4 times a week. It is a terrible goal if you never work out or only go once a week. You are setting yourself up for failure because it is so far out of your currently lifestyle. If you want to try to make resolutions like this, try the quarter goal system and add one day each quarter to build up to this.
  • Failure to plan. The resolution is not the plan, it is a stated goal. Once you decide you want to do something, you must plan on how to achieve it.
  • Having too many resolutions. This falls along the same vein as unrealistic resolutions. Hoping to change your diet, get fit, balance your budget, read more books, find joy at work, and learn to speak Spanish all in the same year is A LOT. Fewer resolutions allows you to focus on those goals and not spread yourself too thin.
  • Believing that resolutions have to be completely new (to you). If you are already paying off debt, it is great to make a resolution to keep doing that.
  • Making resolutions that you aren’t passionate about or don’t want to achieve. I see so many people who make resolutions because they are supposed to, especially about weight, but it isn’t something they truly want to achieve. Just don’t.

Those are the big ones I have noticed, although I am sure there are others. I truly believe that to maximize your success, you need to make resolutions that you are interested in, plan realistically to succeed, and treat yourself with grace when life happens, and bumps occur.

So, do you want to know my own goals?

I break my own goals into categories and then I divide them into quarterly goals, which makes it easier to achieve everything.


  • drop 15 lbs, which gets me back to baseline
  • do yoga 2x a week
  • actually do my skincare routine
  • relearn to manage my ibs


  • go to Europe for my 5 year anniversary
  • take Zach on a birthday trip
  • Go to Egypt
  • take a girls’ trip
  • Go to Boston for a weekend


  • learn to play piano
  • reach our more consistently to my friends and rekindle those connections
  • continue to affirm my husband


  • pay off 30k in debt
  • Get to 10k in savings
  • go into no new debt

Blog/ Youtube

  • get to 100 youtube followers
  • post 2x a week on both platforms
  • make content I am proud of

Share your resolutions with me!

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