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2018 Recap

I’m back, guys!! Thank you everyone for being so patient with me while I enjoyed the holidays. I needed the season of quiet to review the year and focus on some other aspects of my life.

But let’s take a moment to recap the year, shall we?

While 2018 was a combination of brutal and brilliant. I came out better for it, but there were many long nights and tears along the way. Growth is brutal, ya’ll. Just remember when you read blog posts like this, highlight reels are just that. We often don’t see the pins underlying someone’s journey.

But’s focus on those highlights.

I got to travel to lots of places with lots of awesome people. I was blessed to take a cruise with my girlfriends that kicked off in New Orleans, took another cruise in May with my best friend and her husband, took a girls’ trip to San Antonio, and ended the year with my love in India. It was a perfect year of adventure.

Moreover, it was a wonderful year with family. My husband and I had some rough moments, but it resulted in our communication being so much more effective. Better communication just makes love grow. My grandparents-in-law celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and there was much fun with the nieces and nephews.

I found a better place with nursing. I still have a lot of work to do in this area, but I manage my stress better and am learning to be a more competent RN.

Zach and I also made HUGE strides on my debt repayment goals. While we still have a long way to go, I am beyond proud of how hard we worked. Overall, we paid off…… drumroll, please………. $37,983.55. That’s right, just a hair south of 40k. My goal was to pay off 30k, but lots of overtime and a bonus let us make some bigger gains than expected. My goal is to pay off another 30k this year.

Finally, we got some huge house projects done. We painted the dining room, put in a new dining room floor, completely redecorated our bedroom, put in a fenced backyard, and did some landscaping. Whew. Is it any wonder that my husband said no house projects this year?

What about you?? What was your highlights this year?

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