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Gift Ideas for Jetsetters

When we were prepping to go to India, Zach and I finally realized “wow, we have a decent amount of gear.” We finally have traveled enough and invested to the point that we have stuff that we love and makes it much easier to go around the world.

Honestly, this is one of the few things I am actually qualified to give advice on! So this year’s gift guide is focused on gear for your favorite world trekker, either new to the game or more experienced. The gifts will go from least expensive to most, but know that we love all of these.

Word of advice, make sure to flip through their facebook page and see what type of traveling they do. There is really no need to get camping toilet paper for the frequent cruiser, nor perhaps would somewho backpacks through Bali really want to haul a lot of bulky gear. Hopefully, you will find lots of great ideas for lots of travel styles.

Coleman Camper’s Toilet Paper, 3 Rolls $5.99. Laugh at me if you will, but this is the best stocking stuffer ever. Especially if you are traveling to Asia. Many places in the world do not provide toilet paper, and you don’t want to haul around a huge roll with you. 


AIKELIDA RFID Blocking Travel Wallet – Money Belt & Passport Holder, $9.95. Security is something you have to be constantly aware of while traveling. The most commonly sold is the ones that tuck under your shirt, but I actually think it looks better and is more comfortable to wear the ones tucked under your pants. 


Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel Backpack,Water Resistant Packable  20 Liters, $13.98. We brought one of these to see if we would enjoy carrying a daypack with us. We have avoided it in the past because it was one more thing that could be stolen. However, I finally got tired of carrying all the bug spray, sunscreen, cameras, socks, etc in my purse. This pack was not the most stylish, but the convenience was perfect. Folded up tiny, yet could hold everything we needed. 


Gonex 60L Packable Travel Duffle Bag, Lightweight Water Repellent & Tear Resistant  $23.99 . Foldable luggage is just the best, ya’ll. This is how we travel with backpacks and are able to give ourselves the options of buying souvenirs. We brought this with us to India and it let us buy the majority of our Christmas presents there. If we don’t end up needing it, no big deal. It’s just the size of a gallon ziplock. 

Gonex packable

Travelon Women’s Anti-Theft Heritage Small Crossbody Cross Body Bag, $28.45. I will completely acknowledge that this is not the most stylish or cool handbag. But I love this thing. It has a clip latch on the top and it has a clip on the strap. Both these features helped me feel so much more secure when browsing through busy markets or walking through large crowds. 


BESTEK Travel Adapter and Converter Combo, 220v to 110v Voltage Converter with All-in-one International Power Adapter $42.75. This is the only power adaptor you need in your life. For both of us, it allowed us to charge both cell phones, a computer,  an e-reader, a tablet, and two cameras. Winner, winner. Zach said about 8 times in India how glad he was to have this with us. It may not be a glamorous gift, but it will be one that they will use over and over and over again. 


Going Places Kate Spade Scarf, $78. Grossly overpriced, but man, this thing is lovely. Unfortunately, we can’t always be traveling, so this is a daily nod to our favorite thing.KS1000491_415


Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones,  $98.00. This can really be any set of headphones as long as they are noise cancelling and comfortable for long flights. They make a huge difference for those long haul flights, not to mention all the time on buses, trains, etc. 


Osprey Pack Port 46, $140. Best $140 you will ever, ever spend. This was a gift we were given the year we got married and they have been to Thailand, India, Germany, England, all over the continental USA. They have held up incredibly and we adore them more than ever. It is an expensive gift, but one that your jetsetter will have for decades.


What other ideas do you have?


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