Gift Guides 2018 – Anna’s List

It is time for the annual gift guide that we feature her on the blogs. Feel free to look back through the last few years or jump to the bottom of this post to see the past few years guides. I love looking at these types of lists to help me find new ideas that I might have missed. Every year, I start with my own list.

The usual disclaimer: I don’t expect any of these things and it is a fun exercise. I enjoy doing it, I hope you enjoy reading it, and there is nothing more to it than that.

This year I plan on picking up new skills. One of those skills is going to be to learn how to read music and play the piano. A cheap electric keyboard with a headphone jack and some beginner piano books.

I also want to redo my beauty room this year into a more functional office space, more fashionable and soothing. If you are looking for organizing gift ideas, this year you are in luck for ideas.

Himalayan sea salt lamp. I know I am so late to this train, but I like to get on board trends after they have become passe.

amzdeal Watch Box 12 Slots Watch Case, White $22. Stylish? Check. Storage for weird shaped items? Check.


Jewelry stand. This is, I have decided the best way to store bracelets.

Finally, a lovely plant for my beauty room. Like a fiddle leaf or something tall and elegant (and not easy to kill). Easy right? 

And you know there are some beauty things that have caught my eye. 

Rouge Pur Couture Gold Attraction Collection Lipstick, $38. Why am I such a sucker for YSL lipstick packaging? They know how to get me with all that gold and class. My favorite colors this season are Or Cuivre and Rouge Rose. Side note, this cost the same on the YSL website as it does Sephora, etc. BUT you can get complimentary engraving. That takes a beauty gift and elevates it to something particularly special.


There were some gangbuster eyeshadow releases this holiday season. It was hard to come down to just a few. Especially because we have already established what a package sucker I am. I, personally, am loving this UD Elements palette . While the Naked Cherry is getting all the love, I just don’t think it would be as versatile.

Tell me, what are you hoping for this year?


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