Favorite Fall Candles 2018

Think about fall. What comes to mind? I bet it is a feeling of cool weather, a certain color scheme, and the scents of fall.


Scent is important.

It creates a mood and a feeling. For that reason, I love filling my home with candles that create a relaxed vibe in my home. If you are interested, this was my favorites of last year.


Kozy Kandles in Sweater Weather. This is a local artist who I randomly found at a market over the summer. She had her fall scents on sale and I picked this up because I have a fall candle hoarding problem. GUYS!! It is so wonderful. It fills the whole room with notes of  eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh sage. You can find her candles here. Bonus, they cost less than Bath and Body works, are soy, and you support a girl boss. I’m probably going to be adding a few more to my collection.


That said, we all know my soft spot for B&BW. I have been burning two on repeat this season.

The first is Evening Hearth, with notes of “Cedar Kindling, Mug of Warm Cider, Cozy Cashmere Throw” and the other is Autumn Woods, and it’s notes of “Dark Walnut, English Lavender, White Amber.”



Both are nontraditional scents in that they do not smell of cinnamon and pumpkin pie, but both lend themselves towards a cozy night. In particular I have been burning Autumn Woods as I prepare for bed after my shifts. It has that relaxing lavender scent, but with an autumnal twist.

One thought on “Favorite Fall Candles 2018

  1. Yankee Candle in Autumn Leaves and I love Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Bodyworks are my favourite Fall candles. Anything foodie with caramel and vanilla notes although Yankee candle in Macintosh is the juiciest red apple scent. I burn it in September when it starts to feel like fall but is still sunny outside.


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