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San Antonio Long Weekend

Every few years, my girlfriend Sandra and I try to get a way for a long girl’s weekend. The destination is not as important as the company, but we do try to visit places that we think is interesting. It also has be some place that is price point reasonable since we are coming from two different cities.

This year, we chose to go to San Antonio, Texas. Neither of us had ever been to Texas before and we were curious to see if everything really is bigger there, as well as knock out seeing the Alamo.

We flew in on a Friday afternoon. I caught a 0600 flight that went through Chicago and then down to San Antonio. I got there a few hours before Sandra, so I chilled and watched Nightmare before Christmas in our AirBnb.


Side note: I will be writing a whole post on ALL the delicious food that we ate in San Antonio.

Once she got there, we went to Mi Tierra’s, which is in Market Square. There were tons of little shops, which sell similar items to what you find in cruise ports in Mexico. Nothing caught our eye, but it was fun to browse.


After we finished our afternoon adventure, we headed back to the AirBnb to chill and catch up with each other.

The next morning, we started on our San Antonio adventure. We had a fantastic breakfast and then walked to see the infamous Alamo.


Side note, the Alamo is tiny. All that is there is a church, which is the famous building you think of, and a set of baracks. However, it is such a quintessential place in Americana lore, I was glad to have seen it. Plus, free!

Afterwards, we had intended to rent bikes and do the mission trail. However, we could never find the freaking path. We walked around San Antonio downtown for like an hour, pushing bikes, and looking for the stupid bike/hike path – which has no signage anywhere.

Finally, at the San Fernando cathedral, we decided to ditch the bikes and check out the church. Where we walked in accidentally to someone’s wedding. Womp, womp.


We were grumpy, hot, and frustrated, so we stopped at the first restaurant we saw and went in for food and some cold water. It was called Mexico Manhattan’s. Bet you can guess how that was.


We decided to just take an uber to the Mission of San Juan and then call it a day. We were both glad we decided to go as the mission was just lovely and there was almost no one there. It was one of the best things we did all weekend.


Sadly, we were unable to go into the church, since it was booked for a wedding.


Afterwards, we went back to rest and shower. Once our mood improved, we got cute and went out to dinner on the Riverwalk. We didn’t eat on the river, but the place we ate was absolutely fantastic.


From there, we caught the San Fernando cathedral light show, another walk along the riverwalk, and then cocktails at Esquire.

Sunday, we headed to the San Antonio art museum. While not one of the famous San Antonio attractions, Sandra and I love art and it is not something our husbands really enjoy. Plus, Sandra is a phenomenal photographer, so it is always fun going with her because she really points out things I wouldn’t have noticed.



It was a quick walk from there so the Pearl, which from what I understand is a relatively new-ish San Antonio attraction. It is a collection of shops, restaurants, and outdoor space. It was fantastic vibe and space. If I lived there, I would hang out all the time.


Plus, they had this charming floral-trinket shop that I fell in love with. They even had bath bombs, which naturally I could not resist, and which would later cause me infinite amounts of trouble with TSA.

Side note: TSA agents hate bath bombs and hate glitter. No love there at all.


After a super late lunch and shopping, we headed back to spend more time together before we departed the city.

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