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September 2018 Favorites

I cannot believe that this month is already over. Despite my disbelief that this year has less than 100 days remaining, it is wonderful that it is finally October.

pumpkin bread blog post


The guernsey literary and potato peel, a Netflix original movie, is a sweet, romantic tale. Moreover, it is a movie that celebrates the power of the book. Next cool night, pour yourself a cup of tea and netflix this one.

Sherlock. Like most of you, I had already watched every episode, but I decided to go back and revisit it. This is such a great show. I am obsessed all over again.


I bought this art print for my husband as a Christmas gift, but then I got so excited that I ended up giving it to him as soon as it arrived. I was just so exhausted I couldn’t wait. Plus, with moving of my bedroom, it fit so perfectly with the more masculine moody vibe I am going for.


Isn’t it fantastic?!? I got it from this Etsy seller, it came very quickly, and I was really placed with the entire transaction. The seller is not Louisville or Kentucky specific, so if you are into this style, take a look!


We all know I embrace fall the second that football starts playing on the tv. Pumpkin is one of my favorite flavors, so I have been all about the Trader Joe’s pumpkin pecan instant oatmeal. I have had it every morning for breakfast for weeks.

Pecan Pumpkin Oatmeal front two.jpg

Then, for my pre-work snack, it has been more pumpkin. I have fallen in adoration with the Noosa pumpkin greek yogurt. It is pumpkin, not pumpkin spice. Give it a try for serious.


What did you love this month?


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