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Fall Music Festival Outfit

A quick Pinterest search will reveal to you a plethora of outfits that look like this:

When Z. and I went to Forecastle this summer, that style was everywhere and people seemed comfortable rocking it. However, that was never really my jam (pardon the pun).

As Z. and I got ready for another music festival, I ran into several problems. First, the weather was going to be in the low 60s. Brrrr. Plus, it was supposed to rain. Nothing on Pinterest looked like what I needed.

Also, I’m like 30 now and I like being 30. I am cool with my age and one of the things that are best about it is feeling free to dress for comfort. I knew I wanted something stylish, but also functional.

fall outfit

The outfit I came up with would be perfect for pumpkin picking or Oktoberfest beer with friends.

fall music festival outfit.jpg

I started with a pair of ripped jeans (stitchfix) which was stylish and warm, threw on a band tshirt, and covered that with a Target flannel plaid shirt. To protect me from the rain, I added a pair of Sperry rainboots.


Hair was pulled back in a pony tail, which was cute until the rain started. Maybe braids next time ;).

Overall, the outfit was perfect. I had a rain jacket with me that I ended up needing. For the record, I don’t think anyone looks cute when you’re sitting in rain for hours.

here is proof:




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