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Big Trip 2018 Announcement

Where in the world are Anna and Z going in 2018?!?!?

We have talked on the blog before about how we try to do one smaller trip each year, very often a cruise, that is more relaxed and chill, and then one much bigger and adventurous trip each year.

We have a travel bucket list and a general plan for our travel…. but we went off the plan this year.

Originally we had planned to go to China this year, however we have decided to deviate. My dad went on a trip in late 2017 and I had him on speaker phone while he was telling me about his trip, that was Z. and I could both hear about it. When I hung up the phone, Z. looked at me and told me we were going to India this year.



I totally flipped my lid with excitement.

Then I started my research. Originally I did not want to go with Gate1 because we wanted to spread our travel wings. However, the trip we fell in love with after months, literal months, of research that also fit our price point was with Gate1. They got us again, folks.

So, where will be going?

We are going to spend

  • 3 nights New Delhi
  • 2 nights Jaipur
  • 2 nights Agra
  • 1 night Khajuraho
  • 2 nights Varanasi

We are going to sail down the Ganges, tour the exquisite Khajuraho Temples, kiss my love in front of the Taj Mahal, and stand on the walls of the Amber fort.

I just…. INDIA, guys.

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