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Five Beauty Essentials Every Woman Needs

If you are like me, you have a ton of makeup. A bagful, a drawer, maybe a room full of makeup. But, if you are starting out in your twenties, or maybe just considering the core of your beauty regime, there are some standouts. While I was pondering this topic, I came up with a list of five essentials that should be the foundation (no pun intended) of your collection – no matter how big or small.

A perfume that makes you feel fabulous. A scent that you can out on before a great date or a before a big interview. Now, these are not likely the same scent, but that isn’t the point. The point is to find your power scent, one that fits your stage of life, and makes you feel incredible. Scent is incredibly powerful, which is why you should make sure to find one you love, Years later it can throw you back into a happy memory.

One neutral eye shadow palette. Providentially, there are a plethora of neutral palette options on the market right now. The natural palette has had more than its share of the spotlight. My favorites are the Naked one, Too Faced Chocolate, or the Too Faced peach palette. However, you don’t need to have a variety of options. Just one go to palette that you can make work for the office or jazz up for a party.

Along the same line, a good waterproof mascara. Make it one that makes your lashes look fabulous. Essential for days by the pool or a movie that makes you cry. I don’t use waterproof mascara daily because it is hard for me to remove; however, it is invaluable for so many occasions. Funerals, weddings, Christmas commercials, take your pick.

A better than your lips lipstick. It is the same general idea as the neutral palette – this is something that you don’t have to think about, a part of your no thought makeup routine. Trust me, some morning you’ll be hungover or putting too many hours in the office. You will be exhausted, running late, and you need to throw on a shade that just works. In fact, buy two. One for your vanity and one for your purse.


Added to this, a daily moisturizer to keep your skin feeling good. All the rest are fundamental parts of a makeup routine, but this is one that is part of a health routine. It keeps your skin feeling and looking good. When you do that, all the other beauty stuff is just not as important.

What are your beauty essentials, if they are different?

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