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Girl Experience – My first bikini wax

Oh snap, it’s getting real on the blog. We are talking about bikini waxing.

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Disclaimer time: I know waxing is part of many women’s regular grooming routine. I also know that I am 30 and it is honestly more surprising that I had never done this before.


In my head, there was very little that I wanted to do, much less pay for, than pouring hot wax over my lady bits so a stranger could rip hair out. Hard pass on this one.


But part of me was also curious. Why did so many women do this? Is it a result of social pressure to be hairless? Was it just because we were told it was more hygienic? WHY?!?!?

So why did I decide to take the plunge?

I well, umm, just didn’t think about it. I was sitting at my hairdresser and she offered since I was getting ready to leave on a cruise. And I just nodded my head.

Then immediately regretted it. I was terrified. And texting my bf all my fears. So, tip #1 it is ok to text another girl and be all scared.


End result: it was not that big of a deal. At all.

Now, I am not going to say it was my favorite thing ever. It was slightly uncomfortable and odd, but totally worth it. I loved not having to worry about shaving my bikini area during my trip.

Things I learned:

  1. you don’t take off your underwear if it is just a bikini wax. Your waxist will work around them.
  2. you should exfoliate before you get waxed. Memo for Anna for next time.
  3. no sex, swimming, hot tubbing, etc for 24 hrs afterward. You will be asking for irritation. Also, I was tender afterwards. I would recommend a dress or loose fitting pants afterward. Jeans are not always are friend.
  4. You will need something afterwards to prevent bumps. I used tend skin because my stylist recommended this product, but there are so many on the market.

So, will I get another one? Actually, yes. I don’t think I am ready to upgrade to a full brazilian wax, but I liked getting a bikini wax and not having to worry pool side about shaving.




2 thoughts on “Girl Experience – My first bikini wax

  1. I’ve thought about getting this done before but I’m also terrified and worried it will be uncomfortable πŸ˜… I can see how it would be great for right before a trip!


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