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Foundation Challenge – Diorskin Forever Undercover

I try a lot of foundations, guys. A lot. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to share it with you.

Now, lot’s of people say that they put foundation through a road test, but I will throw my accolades up against theirs. Not because I am special but because my job requires my makeup be top notch.

You guys know I am a nightshift ER nurse, which means I always look tired, I spend all my time under bad hospital lighting, and my makeup HAS to last 14 hours. Not every foundation is up to the challenge.

This challenge is a review of the Diorskin Forever Perfect foundation, which retails for $52.00.


This was my makeup when I got ready to leave for work. Overall, I was pleased with the application process. It took very little to cover my face and it was a medium to full coverage foundation.

The makeup looks good from a distance, but certainly shows my pores. I applied this with a brush, but I feel it would be better with a beauty blender. Sadly, I am out of one at the moment.

I did not set this with my usual UD setting spray, but I did powder my face to set the foundation.



This picture was taken in at midnight in our work bathroom. Keep in mind there is no worse lighting in the world than an ER bathroom. At midnight. Although the lighting was rough, I was pleased with how the foundation was holding up.


Finally, here is how it looked at 7:30 am after all night of work and one code.


Final review: I was very pleased with how this foundation held up. It did fade after 14 hours, but overall my skin still looked good. No shiny spots or patchiness here.  I do think it needs to be applied with a damp sponge rather than a brush. I also believe a setting spray might get me through the entire shift.

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