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April 2018 Favorites

I cannot believe this month as passed so fast. I feel like I was just writing my March favorites.

This blog post. I cried while reading it. Can we shout out to a woman for being so raw, honest, and yet hilarious? I was enchanted with her words.

I was so incredibly busy this month, I didn’t even have time to get the money worth out of my movie pass. I had to make do with watching tv. How 2017, right? I had previously watched a few episode of Miss Fisher’s Mysteries, but never took to it. But this month, the series really came together for me. I really especially love the secondary characters on this show. Like, seriously, Dot is my favorite. Miss-Fisher-s-Murder-Mysteries-BANNER-IN-Q1H8-9WKV-LLSP-orig

Perhaps it was watching all the fantastic fashion that inspired me to up my own game. At least at bedtime. I have been loving this slip from Victoria Secret and will be buying a few more when they go on sale.


Beauty-wise, I tried a new face cream that is helping address the fact that I am not drinking the water I should. It is pricey, but fantastic.


What did you love this month?


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