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Sephora VIB Spring Sale Picks

April 13-16th is the Sephora VIB sale. Every year there is a spring sale that allows VIB members to get 15% off all items in the store. Since Sephora only does two sales a year and high end makeup rarely goes on sale, this is an exciting time for beauty lovers.

Here are the new spring products that have caught my eye.

I have three soft spring pastel palettes that I find lovely, but one certainly would not need all three.

Anastasia Soft Glam eyeshadow palette, $42.00. s2036481-main-zoom.jpg

This is an old palette that has been repackaged, but man, is it stunning. Too Faced Natural Eye palette, $38.00


And, of course, the much reviewed and hyped about Urban Decay backtalk palette. It has been a rather long time since UD came out with a new product that was exciting. This dual blush and eye palette has amazing packaging, beautiful mix of colors, and is reported to be good quality.


Benefit Blush Bar Cheek palette. It is hardly a spring without that glow on your cheek.


Fragrance wise, time to shake it up from our winter scents.


NEST Wisteria Blue. Described as being an ethereal floral, the mix of fruit and floral can brighten up a floral scent. The notes on this are french wisteria, bulgarian rose, and imperial jasmine. But it is truly the reviews on this fragrance that intrigue me. Any scent that is described as ethereal is intriguing to me.Plus, Nest makes the prettiest bottles.
What catches your eye this sale?

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