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2018 Quarter 2 Goals

Quarter One was a struggle for me, but that doesn’t mean I am will to scrap this system quite yet. Hopefully I can achieve more of the goals set for this quarter.


Landscape my backyard. The backyard has long been a problem area in our home, a place where we let the dogs run amok. We have had to put in so many measures to keep Luna from escaping that now we want to pull it all together and make it a nice entertaining place as well.

Paint the dining room. Long on my list, this needs to happen soon. Once it does, then I can redo my dining room floor. It’s all about doing the entertaining rooms this quarter.


Save $1500

Pay off one of my student loans. The next loan on my list is $4,514.73 loan. I think if I plug away, there is absolutely no reason I cannot get this loan paid off if I put my mind to it.


Take Z on a romantic weekend away. Some local place where we can just snuggle all weekend and discover something delightful and new.

Thoroughly enjoy my post tax season cruise with Z. and one of our closest couple friends. Also, expect all the cruise posts coming on the blog soon!

Self care

Lose 1lb. It isn’t even so much about the weight loss as making sure I finally kick the soda and sugar habit that has been plaguing me.


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