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March 2018 Favorites

The end of the first quarter of the year has ended. It is insane how fast this year has been passing. I felt like all I did this month was work.

Which totally leads into my first favorite.

Kroger clicklist. Seriously, life game changer. I have no stepped foot into a grocery store in the last 2 months. And my grocery bill has gone down. Game changer. I really thought I would not be on this band wagon because I don’t mind grocery shopping. It is one of the better chores. I just have no time. Between tax season and flu season, Z. and I are absolutely swamped. Saving an hour or more a week, while saving money, has been ideal.


I also went back to drinking Good Girl Moonshine. I am trying to break the soda habit, which means I have been trying to find other flavorful drinks to get me through. Check out pinterest for plenty of recipes.

Beauty wise, I bounced between two perfumes this month. When I woke up and it was a bright, sunny day that hinted spring was here, I reached for Chanel Gabriel. It is a classic floral with notes of jasmine, orange blossom, grasse tuberose, and ylang-ylang.


However, on the flip side, those gray days where it was raining or cool, I reached for my new Elizabeth and James Nirvana French Grey. Another floral, it has notes of musk, neroli, and lavender. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but lavender is simultaneously one of my favorite scents and flavors.


You know I’ve got a few movies on my favorites.

Love, Simon was as wonderful as you’ve heard it was. A delightful rom-com with an important coming of age story within. See it.

This month was also the 60th anniversary of Hitchcock’s Vertigo. I had seen it years before, but somehow managed to forget the entire plot. It is so, so good. Seeing it in theater was an added bonus.

What did you love this month guys?

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