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Hey! I remember you – Shopping at Victoria Secret (again)

Back in my day… and by my day, I mean high school Anna… I was absolutely in love with Victoria Secret. All the sexy girls in school wore their perfume, hoodies, and gasp.. underwear. My mother was very conservative and would have never approved of sexy underwear or of spending that much money when Hanes was more comfortable and just fine… besides WHO WAS SEEING MY UNDERWEAR ANYWAY????
When I went to college, I finally started buying their underwear and occasionally their bras because I was much more autonomous. This sale purchasing continued until I was 25ish and then suddenly, I stopped liking their underwear. At that point, everything was either the Pink line which was a bit juvenile for my taste, or it was dominatrix leather and straps, which did not go well with my aspiring J Crew taste. They also seemed to stop making affordable, average day wear bras. You know, the nude tshirt bra that you actually wear all the time.
In the past 5 or so years, I probably have spent less than $50 in the store, unless I was buying a wedding present. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was getting dressed and looked in the mirror. I was standing in my underwear and my only thought was “God, girl, you look MARRIED.” It was not a compliment.
Boom, in my email, was a Victoria Secret sale email. Why not, I thought.
GUYS… Victoria Secret might actually be good again.
After my fitting, I found some reasonable and cute tshirt bras.
But the lingerie too was suddenly less leather and more lace and polka dots.
It was if the designer from Anthropologie jumped ship and came over the underwear side. I actually bought my first matching bra and panty set because I could not resist the swiss dot and baby blue color. Who knew, right?
Now, I think we all know this blog is far too small to ever get a sponsored post from a chain as big as Victoria Secret. But, I do want to encourage you, if you haven’t been there in awhile, it might be worth checking out again.

7 thoughts on “Hey! I remember you – Shopping at Victoria Secret (again)

  1. I haven’t set foot in VS in a long time. Their 5 for $25 underwear was the only thing keeping me for a while, but it got harder to find cotton and the last set I bought all were… Creepers. Super obnoxious. Did they decide to make more generous backsides for the underwear?

    And sadly, I found out I am a 34G. 😢 No department store bras for me.


  2. Cute! I never spent much there, but it wasn’t for lack of want. Canada didn’t have as much access when I was growing up and now I just can’t be bothered. 😄


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