Quarter 1 2018 Update

So, the year is 25% of the way over. Crazy, right? Just in case your resolutions aren’t going well, here is a video for you.

But in all honesty, the year is still young, guys. If there is something you want to achieve this year, there is still time.  The time will pass no matter what; only you can decide what you want to do with it. And forgive yourself. Goals are always a learning curve.

But let’s review my first quarter goals:

Visit my good friends in STL. Goal…. not met. I am so disappointed in myself that I did not reach this goal.

Host 2 dinner parties. Goal…. half met. We had friends over for dinner once this quarter, but it was not one of my infamous dinner parties.

Go on my girls’ trips and truly be in the moment. Goal…. far past exceeded. It was one of the best trips of my life.


Pay $8000 towards debt. Goal…. blow out of the freaking water.

  • January paid $2005.95

Then it got complicated. I received a bonus at work and Z. and I decided to pay off one of my student loans with a massive interest rate. This meant that technically we paid off $20,898.00 in quarter one.

Save $2000. Goal…. weirdly complicated.

  • January saved $1000
  • February emptied savings of $3.5k which means we were basically 4k behind goal.
  • March saved $1500.

So, technically, I exceeded my goal, but I am still behind my overall savings goal.

Attend 8 yoga classes. Goal….

  • January, did not attend a single class
  • February  – same.
  • March… bet you can guess

Cook 3 times a week. Goal….partially met

  • January, cooked at least once a week, twice most weeks.
  • February, hit the goal. We really cut down on spending in February to reach that big budget payoff goal.
  • March, killed it. We actually did really well this month and it was a good start to me actually feeling better.

Finish decorating the living room and hallway. Including repainting. Goal…. not met. I got two new lamps and moved some old furniture around, but there was no repainting. However, I think it is time to finally post my living room redo. Thoughts?

Other things that I am really proud I accomplished…

I really worked hard to get outside my home and investing back in my friendships. I managed to find the time to get together with a friend or friends. I had to get a little creative. There were more brunches and lunches, with the occasional dinner.

This quarter was really hard. I was depressed and battling all sorts of unhealthy habits. But, with a lot of work, and a lot more support, some hard conversations, etc. things feel like they have been turning around. But it is moving the right direction.

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