Spring Dining Table Decor

One of my quarter goals was to entertain in my home more often. It might have taken me to the end of the quarter, but I finally had some friends over for dinner. It was a Monday night dinner so I wanted something simple, but that captured the feeling of spring. Table decorating is a favorite thing for me but it has to check a couple of boxes for me.

It has to work with my existing items.

It has to be cheap.

It has to be easy to move, since I serve my dinners family style.

Here is what I came up with.


I started with a runner from the Target dollar section and paired it with a bowl of lemons and some Easter egg salt and pepper shakers I was given two Easters’ ago.


You want to work with the dishes you have. I love white plates because then you can add in fun bowls so add variety. Also, cloth napkins!!! Cloth napkins make you seem so much more grownup. I buy all mine at antique stores or thrift stores.

Side note, antique stores can be a great place to find budget dinnerware. Beside the napkins, I also found my floral coupe wine glasses at my favorite antique store for 50 cents a piece.


Alternating napkin colors can be a great way to make it look intentional design decision when instead you actually only have 4 of a certain color.

Another easy way to tie everything together when you don’t have a matching set of everything is to repeat pattern. The polka dot runner goes with my polka dot bowls, which match my wedding Kate Spade polka dot stemless wine glasses.



Alright, dolls, show me your spring tables!!

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