Living Room Upgrade

Last year, Z. told me a little secret he had. Actually, I unknowingly invited him to confine in me. I mentioned that I was considering getting new living room furniture and that is when he told me his big secret… he hated our furniture. I mean it was comfy, but he hated the fabric… and I hated the design.

So fast forward ten months, we finally saved the funds to buy new furniture. Let’s take a journey down the history of our living room, shall we?

This is what our living room looked like the night we moved in.



We pulled up the carpet, painted, and removed the large mirror. I have surprisingly no photographs of my living room for the next three years. This was after we got a new coffee table.

Also, you can tell I was decorating for Halloween.



After months of searching, we finally found the couch we thought would be perfect for us. It was a challenge since I wanted sleek, midcentury modern, and Z. wanted comfy. And more comfy. Those often don’t go together. However, we did find the perfect set for us at Macy’s, of all places.

The dogs also approve, in case you were worried.


The coffee table was this one from Target and we paired it with this entertainment center from Amazon. The new tv was actually a new to us tv, given to us by Z.’s parents when they upgraded their own system.

IMG_4097 (1)

The back corner table is actually an antique sewing table from the 1950s that I turned into a corner table. I paired it with a lamp from Target, an engagement picture with a frame from Ikea, a plant, and my library books. I thought about staging this table better, but I want this to be a real look at my life. I rotate candles often, but right now I am trying to finish up a bath and body work candle from last season. It smells like lemon pledge, if you were wondering.


We still want a corner chair and a new rug, but overall, it is comfortable and stylish enough for us. Plus, we can get so much more seating.

The corner chair would go here next to my other Target lamp. I haven’t figured out how to hide all the cords around this section, but I am getting there. Anyone else’s husband love to string cords all across the living room?


Almost done, folks, almost done!



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