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Spring Palette Favorites/ Review

With an early Easter this year, it makes a woman start thinking of spring. And when this gal starts thinking spring, it is all roses, pink and gold, spring twirly dresses, and pulling out some favorites from the makeup drawer that were safely stored away all winter. Time to come out and play, spring palettes.
But with all the choices, where do you even start or know where spend that hard earned money. Below is a review of my spring palettes, with my opinions about which ones I love and whether or not I think you would love them too.
The first of two different Too Faced palettes on this list… what can I say? Too Faced just does cutsey, spring colors so well. This palette is a cult favorite and for excellent reason. The smell is divine, the shadows are pigmented and soft, and the colors are perfect for a variety of soft looks. I feel that this palette is especially perfect for those of us who have baby blues. Eyes that is.
This is not a limited edition palette as far as I know, but it is not available at Sephora. You’ll need to head to Too Faced’s website for this. This palette screams spring with its bunnies frolicking, flowers blooing, etc. Less pink and more neutral than the Sweet peach palette, this 30 shadow collection still manages to provide everything you need for natural, light, spring looks. It also has some wonderful shimmer shadow.
It seems like where Urban Decay leads, everyone will follow. This was the first of the rose-gold based palettes that ever owned, and while I was never as obsessed with it as some of the others, that doesn’t mean the quality was not there. However, there is no reason to own both the Natural love palette and this one, in my humble opinion. Moreover, as much as I like this palette, paying $54 for 12 shadows no longer seems worth it to me, unless you are super in love with the color scheme. So, while I like this palette, I would not repurchase it for sure.
This is a slight cheat since I technically do not own this one. However, I have used it a couple of times before and I liked it enough to buy for my sister for Christmas. This palette to me is the workhorse palette of those I am reviewing. I think this palette works particularly well for brown eyes, but what made me fall for it is that it includes a dusky purple and a navy blue. While many of these palettes have darker shades, it is lacking in those darker hues that can really stand out against the pinks and golds.

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