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Buffalo Trace Distillery Visit

Winter has started to shed its veil, with this previous weekend having some beautiful days in the 50s to the 70s. When the weather starts getting warm in Kentucky, you know where we all go – to the distilleries.

As a Kentucky girl, I am unabashed in my love for all things bourbon. I love the smell, I love cooking with it, and I love drinking it. I have strong opinions about the products, but love being in the place where these products are created.


So on Sunday, these two fabulous people invited us to go to Frankfort, KY to visit Buffalo Trace Distillery. It is a quick day trip from Louisville and only requires a few hours of your time.


Guys, this is definitely one of the pretties distilleries. Their rickhouses (the buildings the bourbon barrels are stored in) are brick, which is unusual, but gives the place the feeling of a college campus or old institution.




Plus, the grounds were incredible.



The tour was very short and not the most informative, but you do get to see the barrels. This is not the tour I would recommend if you are dying to learn everything these is about bourbon; however, the prettiness of the grounds was a selling point for me.


More goodness? The tours are still free and include three free tasting samples and a bourbon ball.


It was a great day trip with this handsome guy.


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