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Bobbie Brown Caviar and Rubies Eye Shadow Palette Review

Hey dolls! Today I am sharing a review of one of my Christmas beauty gifts – the Bobbi Brown Caviar and Rubies Limited Edition eye shadow palette.

Bobbi Brown is a long standing beauty brand, although one I will admit that I feel like gets very little coverage on youtube. I personally had never tried it, but I saw it on a website sometime around Thanksgiving and fell in love with it.

It was one of my beauty Christmas gifts from my amazing mother in law and I actually gasped when I opened it. It was one of those luxury gifts you put on your list because you would love it, but you don’t expect to get.

Bobbie Brown Caviar and Rubies

Well, I got it and I can honestly say it is lovely. Absolutely lovely. It was my first truly high, high-end palette, as well as my first Bobbie Brown product.


The packaging feels luxurious. It is well weighted, beautifully constructed, with a huge mirror. I feel like when you pay for a luxury product, you have a right to demand it be beautiful. At this price point, it becomes about more than the quality of the product. This palette lives up to it.

Quality wise, these colors are butter soft and so pigmented. They are cool toned, so if you tend to be a warm toned only beauty lover, this might not be a palette for you.



Now, this may or may not be a negative based on how you want to utilize this palette, but I would NOT consider this a daily use product. Based on the online images, I thought this could easily be my go to daily eye shadow palette, but when I opened it, the colors are much darker than I expected. For me, it is too dark for my daily look.


However, this is my new favorite go out palette. It makes getting ready for a wedding or girls’ night feel even more exciting! Plus, the glitter shadow is by far the most amazing and consistent glitter topper I have ever, ever seen.


But is it worth the money? Honestly, it depends on what you need in your collection. I think the quality and packaging meets the expectations you would have for a product of this price point. This is not a workhorse of my collection but I personally am really glad it is. I feel about it is the same way I do about that special going out perfume. I grab it from my vanity and the night is instantly elevated. Does that make it necessary? Nope. But it is an indulgence I can afford? Absolutely. In that light, I find this worth it.

If you are interest in seeing how others have used this palette,  check out these tutorials below.

If you own it, what do you think? Would this be something that would fit in your collection?


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