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December ’17 and January ’18 Favorites

I thought about writing a December favorites because I loved a lot of festive stuff around the holidays, but I thought it might be a bit too many favorites with my 2017 favorites. Like, just too many favorites posts. So, this will be a combined two months favorites.

Let’s start with a well known confession – I am an every day shower. Sometimes twice a day. Sometimes a shower in the am and then a bath in the evening. I am just a bathing lover. As such, I go through some shower products. While digging through my bath product bin, I found an old Christmas gift that I had forgot about. It was the Laura Mercier Almond Coconut body wash. OMG. So lovely. I previously had used the lotion and bath honey pot in the same scent and liked them, but this was probably my favorite. Creamy and lightly, but well scented. It is hella pricey, so it is definitely something I won’t buy again, but I liked it a lot.


My perfume of choice for my Germany trip and so far this winter season is YVES SAINT LAURENT L’Homme Parfum Intense. The notes on this perfume are: Italian Cedrat, Bergamot, White Pepper, Orange Flower, Violet Leaf, Indian Davana,Cedarwood, Suede Accord, Benzoin Siam. It is my first venture into wearing a men’s cologne as my perfume and so far, I love it. I feel like no one is wearing the same scent and it is so distinct. 


Culinary-wise, my favorite would be my Black Teavana Perfectea Maker. Z buys me fancy tea every year since drinking tea is one of my faves. However, I hate making loose tea because it is hard to make strong enough and clean up is a pain in the bum. This solved my two problems, because cleanup is a breeze and it is easy to make up a cup.

Teavana teamaker

On Christmas eve, Z’s awesome cousin handed me this drink and I loved it. It can be hard to find, but it is crisp and light. Not very wintery, but I will drink this all year long.
Let’s talk about media. December is the month of vlogmas on Youtube, which I adore. I think it really shows you what the life is like for the youtuber, and I am always looking for sources that show me how successful women balance their careers and life, plus adding on vlogging. Cause who doesn’t want some time management motivation?
Another one I have loved for awhile, although she is much younger than me is Brogan Tate. I just relate so much to my yester-years by watching her journey and I feel oddly invested in her life.
 Finally, I found this video very inspirational when I was planning my new year resolutions.
TV wise, I might have binge watched all six seasons of Sex and the City. Problematic that it might be, I still love it…. so cheers to rewatching.
 So, what did you find yourself loving this month?

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