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4 tips to the art of shopping sales

I LOVE a sale. So much. Way, way to much.

And I am good at them. My husband brags about how I can find a killer deal on almost anything.

In fact, I would say I am a legacy deal finder. My parents were not affluent when we were growing up, so sale shopping was how they kept food on the table, clothes on our backs, and Christmas presents under the tree. My dad can find almost anything on sale. But there is an art to saving money while shopping sales.

The first tip is to not impulse buy. Seriously, guys. I have definitely bought things because they were “on sale” that were complete spur of the moment deals. Most often, those things end up not being used or they didn’t quite fit right or whatever. The fact is that if you don’t use it regularly, it was a waste of money for you.

Second tip, getting a great deal is often a long game. Once you decide you really want an item, check on it occasionally and see what the baseline price is. One of the keys to getting a good deal is to actually know if you are getting a good deal. Sometimes I will watch an item for months, seeing the routine sales and dips (usually 20% or so) so when the right sale comes along, I know I am getting a true deal. Or, if it is an item I have watched for months and never goes on sale and it finally does, I know to swoop in and know for sure that this item never goes on sale.

Third tip, sign up for brand emails. For example, Sephora really only has sales twice a year, but by signing up for the Too Faced brand email, I got first notification that the Chocolate palettes and Peach palettes were on sale for $24.99…. half price!!! I had been watching them for over a year and never saw more than 20% off. Needless to say, I swooped in and bought them. But I would have known that if I didn’t get their emails.

Finally, make sure that you are getting all possible additionally tack-on deals. Is there an ebates on the store? Can you use the ibotta app to get a refund? Once you decide to buy the item, make sure you get all the cash back that you can.

What other tips do you have?

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