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Potsdam and Leipzig, Germany

After we left Berlin, we made two quick stops on our way to Dresden. It was nice to be able to take a couple of detours while traveling by bus; it gave the feeling of being able to see more of Germany that we actually did.

The first stop was to stop at the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, former home to Frederic the Great. The palace was absolutely stunning and the gardens were lovely, although I imagine they would be much more spectacular… not in December.



Potsdam looked charming; if I was redoing my trip, I would arrange more time to explore this cute place. A few hours did not come close to covering it.

The next stop was Cecilienhof Palace, which was the the site of the historic Potsdam Conference where Stalin, Churchill and Truman met in 1945 to negotiate terms for the end of World War II. Sadly, because we were there in the winter, the palace was closed for tours, but we were able to walk around the outside.



If you are a lover of history, especially WWII history, some of the stops in Germany will take your breath away. This would be one of those stops. Literally, the history of the world was decided here and I got to stand there and soak up the history.

Next, we were off to Leipzig to enjoy the town and see the Christmas market.

The first place I wandered into was St. Nicholas Church, which is where Bach was the cantor. Sadly, I did not take any pictures. That problem means I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in there.


You wander down a couple of blogs from the Christmas market and you will end up at St. Thomas Church.It  was quaint and charming, combined with the historical significance of being the burial place of Bach.





Leipzig is home to one of Germany’s largest and oldest Christmas markets that dates back to 1458. It is held in a big city square, where the town hall stands tall overhead. After coming from modern Berlin, this felt much more like what is shown on German postcards.


Then it was off to Dresden. And can I just say, this was the view from my room.


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