Why I Decided to Do Quarterly Goals in 2018

Last year I made yearly resolutions and I waxed on about how I love having goals to strive towards. I kept most of them and those I didn’t complete, I made huge strides toward. It was a huge year of growth for me. On the surface, it was probably one of my most successful and accomplished years. It was also one of the hardest years of my life and I felt beaten down and exhausted most of the last half of the year. This lead me to reflect on how I could restructure my home life and what I wanted to accomplish this year.

It led to a lengthy and overwhelming list of 2018 goals. I knew I didn’t have time to accomplish all that. I just knew it. Then one day, I watched this video by Marriage and Motherhood on her Goal Setting Secret – to cut to the chase, it is to set quarterly goals.

Mind exploded.


It is such a basic and obvious tip. You break down your resolutions into four chunks. It put a strategy to what I already knew. I should break bigger goals into manageable piece, to accomplish the major goals.

I still wrote out my yearly goals, but I will only be focusing on my quarterly goals. So here is why I chose to shift my focus.

It is plenty of time. 90 days is really plenty of time to accomplish a project on worth.

You can really save X amount of money or learn a new skill. Want to learn a new habit or break a habit? It takes about 66 days to learn or break a habit, which gives you time to accomplish this and truly cement it into your life.

But it is not so long that you can afford to lose motivation.

You only have 90 days. Ain’t nobody got time to procrastinate and Netflix if you want to accomplish this. Want to lose 10lbs? If you put it off for a month, you realistically won’t have to form that new habit and make progress.

It is not so long that you feel overwhelmed.

I get bored, so the idea of spending a whole year doing something? I’ll pass. I get bored at the idea of doing anything for that length, even if I haven’t started yet.

Or worse, I feel overwhelmed. Put 25,000 towards debt? Lose 50lbs? I don’t even know where to start and then once I do, there is a chance I will spend most of the year feeling like a failure because I am still so far from my goals.

It allows for review.

So, you did something for a quarter. Now you have a time to sit down and review it. IS this something you want to continue with? One of my greatest skills is that I follow through, even once it starts to creep into my mind that maybe I don’t want to do this anymore.

This ties into the fact that, it is seasonal and currently relevant.

I don’t mind that Z. and I don’t spend lots of time together during our busy work season, but during the winter, we try to focus on strengthening our bond before the busy season. The holidays have different goals for me than summer. This goal setting plan allows me to really be in sync with the environment around me and adjust based on my current needs.

Are quarterly goals the perfect solution for me? I have no idea, but I am excited to try it out and see if this new strategy provides me with more concrete way to complete my resolutions.

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