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2017 Christmas Wishlist

Every year on my blog I write my own little letter to Santa. Mostly because I love reading other people’s wishlists, but also just in case Z. needs a little help. A girl has to help a guy out, right?

As always, I don’t actually expect to get any of these, but they are all lovely gift ideas, as well.

You know that my Christmas list every year is mostly beauty. With all the work on the house, I try to only buy daily essentials from the Sephora sale. However, there are always a few items I want but don’t get.

Bobbie Brown Caviar & Rubies eye shadow palette. This is the epitome of luxery beauty. Look at this thing.


My love of perfume is pretty obvious by this point. I wear it every day and I don’t see that changing any time soon. This year, Santa would not go wrong with a new bottle of Chanel No. 5 l’eau.  I loved my 35 mL so much that it was gone in the summer. Before spring arrives, it is time for a bigger bottle. Since I cannot just replace a bottle, the new addition for the year I am hoping will be Chanel Coco.

On a much more practical note, I could use a few useful things for work. Compression socks are always in demand.

Z. and I are constantly working on our home, so, naturally, I added a few bits and bobs to my wishlist. Ok, maybe they are more than bits and bobs.

I have been searching high and low for the perfect new shower curtain for my bathroom. We are realistically a few years away from doing any major changes to that room, so cosmetic changes are called for. I LOVE this shower curtain from Anthropologie. It has a way too high a price tag, but since we use them for years, it seems luxurious to me but not outrageous.

wishlist 1

Christmas is the time of year I find it is nice to ask for a few pieces of jewelry. I know, I know. I want perfume or a piece of jewelry for Christmas… how original. But I love having fewer but high quality pieces that I love to wear day in and day out.

I have loved Kendra Scott from afar for awhile, but so ‘spensive. But, should Santa baby be feeling generous, check out this beauty. In all honesty, I find almost all the stones equally lovely.


Every year I ask for an Olivia Burton watch. Let’s not break tradition, shall we? Especially because one day, it’s gonna happen! I just adore the floral pattern. So dark and beautiful.

wishlist 3

What are you hoping will be under the tree this year?


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