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Smokey Mountain Holiday (pt1)- Pigeon Forge

Recently, Z. and I decided to take a long weekend in the Smokey Mountains to get away and enjoy togetherness. It was perfect and cheesy and wonderful and I highly recommend it.

What you have to understand is Pigeon Forge is a GIANT Cracker Barrel. Everything is country and cheesy, but there is so much natural beauty. Plus, people are so relaxed and chill. It was the perfect weekend getaway.

So what did we do this weekend?

We arrived Thursday evening at midnight. We rented a cabin on AirBnB for several reasons. We wanted a room with a fireplace, jacuzzi, AND hot tub. And we wanted to be romantic there without being distasteful. Plus, we wanted to ability to cook some of our own meals. Hence, a cabin was the perfect choice for us. Warning though: in certain weather, our little car would not have been able to navigate the hills.WE still stalled out several times.

But the cabin was perfect. There were a lot of bears, but still… cute, ya know.

The next morning, we got up and had a leisurely breakfast. You guys, check out the view from our porch!


Only downside was we might have forgotten to bring coffee to the cabin. We HAD to wander into town for that at least.

Pigeon Forge was just full of charming little shops. Including coffee shops! We ended up at the old Mill shopping center.


After coffee was obtained, we just wandered around all the shops.


We also tried the moonshine at the Old Forge distillery.


If you are in the area, walk around the old mill shopping center. It was just beautiful.



At this point, we were starving. Off we went to the Apple Barn and Cider Mill. It was a recommendation from one of my coworkers and they were spot on. The food was excellent.



Following lunch, we walked over to the winery, which you can totally skip, in my opinion. Actually, disclaimer time: Z. and I don’t enjoy sweet wines. This region specializes in sweet, sweet wine. So, make your choice accordingly. However, the apple cider is on point!

After we finished here, I was begging to go the Christmas store. So. Much. Christmas. An overwhelming amount of Christmas, actually.





By the way, this was the view outside the Christmas store. This place is insanely lovely.


We were ready to head back about this time. We love cooking together so we headed back from a lovely homemade dinner.

Up next, Gaitlinburg and the mountains!

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