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Weekly Blog 17- aka Smokey Mountains, TN

If you follow me on Instagram, this post will come as little surprise.

This week is essentially a travel post because Z. took a much needed opportunity to get away, just the two of us. The previous weekend was my weekend, which kicked my butt, although I did sneak away one morning for brunch with a coworker. Look at this deliciousness.


Then I worked some more.

But Thursday, after Z. got home, we headed off. We rented a cozy little cabin off airbnb called Hemlock Haven. Bonus: fireplace, hot tub, and whirlpool tub. Trust me, we were in that hot tub as soon as we got unpacked.

Friday we slept in, had a leisurely breakfast, then headed off to Pigeon Forge.

First stop: coffee. We stopped in a cute little place called Expresso Yourself.


Now what you have to understand about this area is it is all a giant cracker barrel… which is totally fine, as long as you are aware. It’s utterly lovely and cheesy as can be. We walked around the Old Mill area and tried the Old Forge moonshine. BTW, the coffee moonshine was delightful. A couple people will be finding this under their christmas tree.


Look how pretty, guys.


By now we were hungry, so we headed over to the Apple Barn winery for the most delicious lunch and wine tasting. Actually, the wine was eh, but the food more than made up for it.


Finally, we headed off to the Christmas store.


Btw, guys, I am pretty sure this is my best life.


The next day we headed off to Gatlinburg. Honestly, guys, we hated Gatlinburg. It was so, so, so crowded and touristy. Just not our jam. However, we still managed to do some shopping and find a distillery (or two!)



The next day, we left our lovely cabin, and took a long drive home.


How was your week?


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