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Winter Skin Care

Bring on the fall! Bring on the sweaters! And Pumpkin Spice! And cardigans! And Boots! And Scarves! And and… weird, crocodile looking skin that is all dry and icky looking. Oh wait, no, fall and winter can keep the dry icky skin than comes from the cold.

Although in cold weather’s defense, my skin is a dry desert all the time. However, this time of year, it starts to get more and more noticeable. And if I let it go to long, it can also get painful.

So, what is my skincare routine for my body?

First, although every blog says it, as well as your doctor, you have to drink water. You can slather on all the products you want, but if you aren’t hydrating your body, you just won’t win. Plus, water is essential for lots of things, including health and such.

Now, I refuse to give up my daily showers, and my few times a week bubble bath, but there are some things that can help.

Invest in a shower gel that is hydrating. I love Philosophy when I am feeling spendy or when I am feeling the complete opposite, I go for the St. Ives Nourish and Smooth Oatmeal and Shea butter body wash. I also love the Yardley honey almond and oatmeal.

Another budget friendly product I have is using dollar shave club for my razors. $6 every other month is perfection for me.

Every few days, I use the Soap and Glory Flake Away body polish on my arms and legs. I absolutely love the smell of this stuff, plus it is a perfect balance for my skin of exfoliating yet not being too harsh.


Once I get out of the shower, I put on one of two different lotions depending on how my skin is feeling. If my skin is fairly well hydrated, I use the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star lightly whipped body buttercream. I love how quickly this absorbs into the skin, plus the almond and vanilla scent is light and sweet.


If my skin is very dry, I use the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter, which has almost no scent and is much heavier and moisturizing.  However, it also takes longer to absorb into the skin.


After my lotion dries, I put on perfume and proceed to get dressed.

What is your winter skin routine?


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