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Day to Night Outfits Fall Edition


I find transitioning from day to night can be so simple and easy to carry around in your regular work back.

Idea 1: Change your top. Wear a sexy cami under a very conservative sweater for a seemless change. Besides, offices are always too cold and bars are too hot!

day 1
day to night transition

evening 1

Idea 2: Change your shoes! I love heels as much as the next girl, but some days we are just on our feet too much to be walking around 24/7 in high heels. Wear cute and functional flats to the office and change into a sexy and edgy cage heel for dinner.

day 2


evening 2

Idea 3: You’ve already seen me play with this idea but changing your jewelry is one of the easiest ways to transform a look. You can easily throw another necklace or earrings in your handbag and switch right before leaving the office.

Day 3
Simple and conservative for day.

evening 3

Night is the perfect time to rock that slightly gaudy piece we all have and love, but are never sure where to wear. Bonus points for having a cute purse that showcases your personality.

Now, this would hardly be a Bluegrass & Pearls blog if I didn’t at least cover some beauty. No one has time to completely redo their look, but a few simple swamps can go far.


What are your transition ideas?



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