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Weekly Blog 13

There was much recovery needed after last weekend. But in ways that Z. was the best husband ever, I came home pumpkin cinnamon rolls. We even ate them in bed. IMG_3100

When you are at the stage of life where work is what you do, you make moments where you can.

This week my days off were Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday, our friends Kelsey and her main squeeze had us over for this amazing dinner. And I got to spend the evening cuddling with this handsome fellow. Side note, he is a wine thief.


Thursday and Friday were completely dedicated to cleaning the house, grocery shopping, etc. I always treat myself to something delicious when I am out grocery shopping. I think it is how I justify spending all my free time keeping my home going.


I did manage to sneak one evening out to dinner with my friend, Matt. We went to North End Cafe and had the most amazing shrimp piri piri.


Sadly, I worked the weekend, but still such a lovely week. How was your week?


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