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Weekly Blog Post 12

So, this whole basically a build up to a glorious celebration.

Sunday morning, Z. and I got up and went to brunch at Proof on Main. We are both so busy right now that we have to sneak away for dates early morning.


I spent almost every night this week that I wasn’t working, watching movies and working on cross-stitching. You can read all about it and my giveaway here.


This weekend, my brother in law and his partner came in this weekend in preparation for my husband’s cousin’s wedding. We had some delicious meals together, including this gorgeous patio brunch.

The wedding was stunning. It was a perfect wedding – gorgeous day, beautiful bride, so much happiness all the way around!

I think I looked pretty decent myself. I tried to get the other two girls in this picture to be my date, but they wanted to spend the day playing in the yard with Cassie.


Perfect week, right?


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