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Feminist Icon Cross-Stitch + Giveaway

A few months ago, Amy from Running Press reached out to me with an offer to review a new book being released from their press. From the moment the email came across my desk, I knew this was something I was super interested in.

The book is  FEMINIST ICON CROSS-STITCH: 30 Daring Designs to Celebrate Strong Women by Anna Fleiss with Lauren Mancuso.


Cross-stitch? Yes, please.

Feminist icons… umm yes!!!

She sent me the book along with some craft stuff to get me started. Now, I will initially admit I was a little hesitant. I have not done any cross-stitching since my grade school years when my mother was attempting to teach me some useful skills, most which did not stick.

However, this book has a step by step guide in the first section, which is very beginner friendly.I felt like after a quick review, I was able to tackle any project in the book. Very user friendly.


I initially planned on doing one pattern, but once I got into it, I actually found it was so relaxing to spend an evening cross-stitching and watching Halloween movies.


img_3035.jpgMy single cross-stitch is now evolving into an entire mural. I cannot wait to see how it is when I finally finish.


Plus, I love the entire concept of this book! This juxtaposition of  feminist icons and a classically thought of female skill such as needlepoint is the type of thing that makes me smile. Plus, while the book doesn’t and really couldn’t cover all the major feminist icons, it does a good job of being inclusive, covering women of different races and generations.



For the holiday season, this will definitely be my hobby of choice!

Best part? Amy has given me an additional copy to give away to one lucky reader! All you have to do is be following this blog, either thru WordPress or email, and submit a comment with who your favorite feminist icon is, especially if she would make an amazing cross-stitch.

I will close the giveaway  on October 31st, 2017.

If you are not lucky enough to be the winner of our fabulous giveaway, you can still own this book. It is available on Amazon for less than $15.


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