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Weekly Blog 10

I feel like I don’t have a ton to talk about this week because the big event of the week got it’s own blog post.

But this is what I got up to this week. Monday was my day off so Z. and I decided to cook together. We love trying out all the food delivery services because 1. we love cooking but 2. who has time to grocery shop? But Z. walked into his Kroger near work and saw that Kroger now has their own house brand meal prep service. Naturally we had to try it!!!

It was very…mediocre. Actually, probably the least favorite of the meal prep services we have tried. But cooking together is always fun.

Tuesday thru Thursday were my work days. This has been the work look I have been rocking lately. Bringing in the fall lip.

IMG_2909 (1)

One great surprise of the week was that Anne Bogel wrote was released. This was actually the first book I ever pre-ordered. The topic is not one I am super, duper interested in, but I love the way Anne writes and supporting her for her work as an amazing blogger is very important to me. The fact that she and I share a city helps!


The best part of work this week? After I got off Friday morning, I drove downtown to meet my friend, Kelsey, for brunch! Nursing friends and brunch?!?! Ummm, yes!!We went to a Louisville staple that I had amazingly never had been to. Toast on Market. It was absolutely fabulous. The hashbrown casserole was sooo good I have been dreaming about them.

Also, can we take a moment to talk about how pretty downtown Louisville is!?!


And I couldn’t let the good times end with brunch, so after a long nap, I met my friend Matt for dinner at another restaurant I had never been to!

We finished with some fabulous dessert at Sweet Surrender.

Finally the weekend concluding with the Bourbon and Beyond Music festival, which you can read about here! It was such an amazing weekend.

How was your week?!?!

Kisses – Anna


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