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Weekly Blog 8

After the great time with Z.’s family on Sunday, I was actually off until Wednesday. I also worked Thursday, and Friday.

What did I do in my time off? Well, not much of anything.

I did get my fall wreath completed! I am actually really proud of it. I feel like it looks a world better than the one I did last year. Plus I love cotton.


Z. and I have also been working on the house a great deal. We borrowed a steam vac and have been working on cleaning the dining room, which has been badly damaged from Luna’s adventures in potty training.


To make up for all his hard work, I rewarded him by making chicken cassoulet. It was so, so good.


Plus the weather was so beautiful, Z. and I were able to spend an evening with a cup of coffee and walking in our local beautiful park.

I actually spent a ton of time outside this past week. The weather was fall perfection.Side note, I am now the neighbor who is hanging outside with her dogs at 4 pm, no bra, and wearing yoga clothes and drinking coffee. Judge away neighbors, 4 pm is like my 6 am.


But when I look slightly better, I broke out the fall makeup routine. Who would be interested in a blog post about my favorite fall palettes? This week was all about the original Lorac Pro palette.

We rounded out the weekend by going on a double date to the opening of the Louisville orchestra season and a drive bar afterwards.

At the end of the night, we got a text to come out and join another friend who was out and about. It has been forver since Z. and I had a night out in the bars, so we headed out. I kid you not, I was out maybe 15 minutes and some guy puked all over my shoes and bag. At least at work, I’m getting paid to get puked on.


But that aside, it was actually a super fun night. It was great company with great weather in a city I adore.

How was your week?

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