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Weekly Blog 7

I was so bummed leaving my parents’ house, but there was a little surprise waiting for me when I got home that helped soothe the sadness. I already posted on this, but it was my first Tiffany purchase. #treatyoself


I was off work on Monday thru Wednesday and man, did I try to hustle. Unsuccessfully, but I tried. I am slowly trying to redecorate my front porch, so new plants and painting the chairs a new color.

IMG_2808 (1).JPG

However, there was also a lot of chill time.


Maybe a little bit of baking too in preparation for some blog posts.

IMG_2820 (1)

I also spent one afternoon shopping for homegood with my MIL and cousin. Girls days are absolutely the best, aren’t they? Plus all the fall stuff is finally coming out!


We also hit up Coals, one of my favorite local pizza joints for lunch.


Wednesday night, I went to dinner with my friend Matt for tacos and rose. It was absolutely the most beautiful night.


Work was work…ya know?

Sunday was super fun celebration for Z’s grandfather’s birthday. Family time is also so special, even if I was dragging pretty bad from lack of sleep.

How was your week?


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