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Layering Scents for Beginners

Two or three years ago I began seeing beauty vloggers talking about layering scents. As in putting on multiple perfumes in order to create a unique scents.

If your first thought was What kind of female voodoo magic is that S*it?!?, well you are probably reading the right beauty blog. At the time, I was still struggling to remember to put on perfume every day, much less creating my own, unique scent.

Then, around graduation, a good friend of mine gave me this body wash and lotion from Bath and Body Works. I normally avoid that brand’s body washes and lotion because the scent is so strong and dominant that it interferes with my perfume. I’m hardly pro washing out my $130 Chanel perfume because my body wash is so strong. HOWEVER, I loved the scent my friend gave me. It smelled like fall and channeled some of my favorite notes.


So, I used it. I took a shower and lathered my body in it. And I liked the way I smelled when I got out, but it felt weird not wearing a perfume. So using my beauty knowledge and wisdom, I reached for a perfume that had the same word in the label. Real brilliant, right? That’s why you guys keep coming back!



That was when I realized I was layering scents! I felt pretty badass about the whole thing, even if it was shear dumb luck.

Plus, it helped a perfume that normally last 5ish hours linger all day.

Since then I have played more around with scent layering and have come up with some simple tips to help you out if you are curious about how to venture into this world. Or if you just want to wear perfume and that a body wash.

Tip 1 : the easiest way to start is with beginning with the shower. Layering doesn’t have to mean applying multiple perfumes.

Tip 2: Stay in the same scent family. It would be hard to layer a woodsy smell with a fresh scent, especially as a beginner. So, layer woody with woody, floral with floral, etc. Or do like me and literally match words so you know they have some of the same notes.

Tip 3: Vanilla tends to play nice with everyone.

Tip 4: if you are going to layer, go lighter than you would normally. You don’t want to overwhelm people with your awesome new scent.

Tip 5: if you are layering perfumes, put the heaviest perfume on first.

Now that you have all these new tips, go forth and try something new!

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